Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Epic Battle

As much as I hate the use of the word "epic," I had a truly epic battle last night. It was with a cockroach. I smashed the bastard to the point where he will never walk the Earth again, although he's still on my floor.

It all started when the little bugger hopped up on my bed. I've seen flying cockroaches before - they suck. So out of terror (and misjudgment) I flicked him off my bed. Flicking a cockroach doesn't do anything. And neither does constantly trying to smash him on the floor with a MacBook Pro case. But you have to use enough force to where it makes a large, annoying, sound. Did I mention this was at 3 a.m? I shut off my lights to the sound of my family members screaming "what the hell is that?"

Good morning, everyone!


  1. We have flying cockroaches in Hawaii. Huuuuge ones. Also, praying mantises. They fly - most people don't know this, but imagine one flying out of nowhere & landing on your keyboard in the middle of the night.

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