Thursday, May 26, 2011


When I was younger, I had an Italian Greyhound, so now that I'm older, I've decided to get a full-size Greyhound. This was my thought 1 month ago. No I'm feeling a little regret. I didn't know that greyhounds are so huge. They eat a ton. But I still love them. <3 But look at this - a Whippet. They look and act like Greyhounds except they are smaller. These are the cutest dogs ever. If you're thinking about getting a dog soon, get a Whippet.


  1. I was actually thinking of adopting a retired racing greyhound, but I was scared shitless at the fact that they'd fly out the front door at the sight of a plastic bag blowing by in the wind

  2. What a lovely looking litte dog =)

  3. cute, but not as cute as pugs :)